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who eats horse meat

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People Are lining Up to buy horse meat In France

Meat is meat, who cares what. I love beef, pork, whatever. Horse or dog makes no difference. This at first sight seems a little strange as it was originally pope Gregory ii in AD732 who proclaimed that eating horse -meat was a pagan and barbaric tradition. In France, the appetite for eating horsemeat has existed for a couple of centuries. Baron Dominique-jean Larrey, napolean's surgeon-in-chief, suggested that because the troops were starving, they should cook and eat the meat of horses that had died on the battlefields. It's normal to eat horse meat in Switzerland.

who eats horse meat

For no less than 30,000 years, humans have hunted, slaughtered, and dined on the rich, stringy meat of horses. The same horse meat producers who d been raking curl in profit during hard times now found themselves destitute and struggling to adjust back to their standard meat. I have an Italian friend who is owner /chef of a high end italian restaurant here. He served horse meat at a dinner party at his house one night. I would gladly eat it again. During the siege of Paris (18701871 horse meat was eaten by anyone who could afford it, partly because of a shortage of fresh meat in the blockaded city, and also because horses were eating grain which was needed by the human populace.

To put it differently, people who preferred beef to horse meat would have been healthier, heartier and used available resources more efficiently. While early Christian leadership may have nudged some in Europe away from eating horse meat, it's very likely the more efficient culinary taste would have won. My husband claims he was forced to eat horse meat as a child (this has been publicly refuted by his parents) and glue has been made out of horses. Id rather eat paste than pesticides, but who knows? Maybe i just developed a taste for it in KindergartenI mean my friend probably did,. I ate horse meat. This entry was posted in Comments about Cycling on December 18, 2016 by Steve tilford.

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I never it attend to do it consciously again. They still eat it over in France. Im not sure what that is all about.   maybe it is one of the reasons Im not that into red meat in general, i dont really know. I have no idea how people eat these guys.

It doesnt sit well with.

Horse meat in Tesco burgers: Asda, co-op and sainsbury's

He then did a couple neighs. I didnt know what he was doing, then thought a second and realized that he was mimicking creamed a horse and implying that it was horse meat. I pretty much dropped my fork and stopped chewing. I was nearly sick. I couldnt believe i was eating horse. That was it for the meat that race. I wasnt going to risk consuming horse again. When that stage race finished, we raced the next few weeks in Italy and didnt have that problem. Anyway, im not proud of consuming horse meat.

who eats horse meat

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I figured it was the only way to survive the trip. So i walked over the food line and got a steak. I really had no desire to switch up my diet, but there was no other way. I was sitting there and started eating and it wasnt good. It was super chewy and hard to swallow. I was thinking that I really hadnt been missing out on anything all those years, but knew I needed to finish the meat to get through the stage that day. While this was all going on, a french rider, enschede maybe even laurent Fignon, Im not sure who it exactly was, came over, kind of started laughing and pointed at the steak.

I cant even remember them all. I did this for a long time, pretty much until the first time hoofdhuid i got to go to europe to race. Salad bars and options were always available here in the states, so i didnt really think much about eating before i fly to europe. The first race we did was the tour of vaucluse in southern France. I wrote a post sort of about. It was a pro-am race with lot of great professionals, plus the russian and Eastern European amatuer teams. The race fed us and I realized pretty much the first day that it was going to be nearly impossible to not eat meat. That was nearly all they served for meals after breakfast. So maybe the 2nd day, i decided to quit being a vegetarian and eat a steak.

Americana Enterprises - hungry horse restaurant

I dont eat much red meat. It isnt that Im all that against it, it is just that Im not that into it usually. I was beste a vegetarian when I first started racing. There was a guy in Kansas City that was really good, bill Nickelson. He pretty much beat up on all the guys when I was. He was a vegetarian, so my brother Kris and I decided to emulate him. we asked him exactly how he ate and he told. he also suggested a ton of vitamins to take. Calcium, magnesium Zinc, vitamin e, pantothenic Acid, niacin etc.

Who eats horse meat
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