In fact, the depth can be measured in millimeters. The channels created by the laser are called micro injury sites, and they begin healing very quickly. As the channels heal and form new collagen, the scars will begin to fade. Youll be able to watch your skin texture improve as the skin heals. It wont take long before you notice the inner beauty of your skin. The pixel Perfect technology also has a revolutionary feature, called ipixel, which is capable of delivering laser energy in a fast, comfortable manner. The co2 fractionated Pixel Laser skin resurfacing treatment is revolutionary. Its viewed as the latest advance in fractional laser treatment.

pixel laser vs fractional co2 laser healing, which improves your overall complexion. The laser light produced by the laser is passed through patented optics, so its able to penetrate the skin and create small thermal channels. These channels arent deep.

To sunscreen find out if Pixel Perfect is right for you or to schedule your appointment, contact Advanced Anti-Aging and weight Loss today. Like most skin resurfacing techniques, pixel Perfect utilizes a special laser. The laser is capable of reversing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sun damage. While making pores look smaller. Pixel Perfect can also smooth acne scars, which provides you with the flawless, soft skin that you deserve. Pixel Perfect can even transform skin that has been attacked by pockmarks, spots and blotchiness. Put simply, it can restore the youthful appearance that was once yours. How the pixel Perfect Procedure works. If youre considering this procedure, its important to get all of the facts. You should have a decent understanding of how the procedure chanel works.

pixel laser vs fractional co2 laser

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A revolutionary skin treatment has been developed, and its called Pixel Perfect. It can creamed make you look healthier, younger and refreshed. Its the type of treatment that can release your inner radiance. At, advanced Anti-Aging and Wellness in evansville, we offer a number of skin treatments to help you look as great as you feel. One of these. Pixel Perfect laser resurfacing. This non-invasive complex skin rejuvenation treatment can help with fine lines and wrinkles with virtually no downtime.

Pixel Laser, worth it?

With the newer Fraxel ii, the dye is not necessary. Youll be taken to the laser room, made comfortable, and a thin layer of gel will be applied to help the laser rollers slide evenly over the face.   The newest Fraxel that is paired with the Fraxel dual does not require gel. The treatment takes about an hour for a full face and feels a little like a pins and needles sensation. The discomfort ranges from mild to moderate. Plan on being in the office for 2 hours total. Most people drive to and from their own Fraxel appointments.

pixel laser vs fractional co2 laser

The cost varies by where you live, the office you go to, and the size of the area being treated. A full face laser resurfacing should cost ranges from 900 to about 1400. A full face plus eyelid should run approximately 1400 to 1900. And a full face with neck and chest will be 1500 to 1900. If you have scars that might benefit siertegels from a fraxel, you will get a specific"tion.

How are Fraxel laser treatments performed? You need to arrive about 1-1 hours before your treatment. You or a technician will cleanse the treatment area and then apply a numbing cream to the area to be treated. Then you just relax, read, or listen to music, while the numbing cream takes affect. After you numb for about an hour, the numbing cream will be removed. With first-generation Fraxel i, a blue dye was then applied.

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How long do the effects of a fraxel treatment last? That depends on how well you protect your skin from the sun and your genetic aging process. . If you apply sunscreen and wear sun protective clothing, your skin will look good longer than if you are tanning, including tanning booths, or spend a lot of time outdoors. . If you are careful with your skin, your skin may continue to look good with annual maintenance treatments. How long does the Fraxel take to work? .

When will I see results? Many people notice results within a week after their first treatment. . Their skin feels smoother, looks less blotchy, and has a glow. The results depend on what your issue is that you want treated. . If you are doing a series, you may need to wait the full length of the series, which can be 5-6 months, to see the complete and best results. . Usually, collagen will continue to develop even up to 3-6 months after your last treatment. How much do Fraxel treatments cost? Fraxel is the brand name of one of the first fractional lasers.

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The Fraxel laser creates tiny microthermal zones (think pixels) deep into the skin which the skin repairs by pushing out the old sun damaged skin (the tiny pixels) and replacing it with new skin. Each treatment replaces about 15-20 of the sun damaged, scarred or wrinkled skin. It triggers the bodys natural healing process accelerating the production of collagen and new, healthy skin cells. 1,000-2,000 microthermal zones per are created each centimeter squared. Can I do the Fraxel with other cosmetic treatments? With Restylane, juvederm, other temporary or semi-permanent fillers, wait 1 aziatische week after having Fraxel done. For Sculptra, it is best to have the Fraxel treatments first, or you will need to wait 3 months after your last Sculptra injection to begin Fraxel treatment. With Thermage, wait one week before of after a fraxel treatment.

pixel laser vs fractional co2 laser

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The benefits of fractional laser treatments are achieved with little discomfort and minimal risk. What is the difference between the Fraxel and the Fraxel dual? The bottom line is that the Fraxel dual treats pigment problems, brown spots, brown sun damage better than the plain/regular Fraxel. . Its effect on melasma is still in question wellness so be careful and skeptical if that is your main problem. . It is also better for larger areas like a sun damaged chest, arms, legs, or back. . see the article on the Fraxel dual for more information. How does fractional (Fraxel) resurfacing work?

This article you are reading is about the more gentle erbium fractional lasers, like the original Fraxel. . These erbium glass fractional lasers treat the following: Sun damage, nederland fine wrinkles, and aging on the face, neck, chest and hands but also on the arms, legs, and back; Certain cases of melasma; Certain kinds of acne scarring and surgical scars; to improve the crepiness and fine. To improve skin texture and tone. To reduce precancerous lesions by replacing sun damaged skin with new skin. Fractional lasers are generally not good for redness, but work somewhat on brown pigment and the above issues. The Fraxel dual works much better for pigment (cautions on melasma so see the article on the Fraxel dual if pigment is your main problem. A series of treatments (generally 3-5) are performed, usually one every 3-8 weeks.

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What does a fractional laser treat? There are gezichtsbehandeling two types of fractional lasers now, the more gentle, erbium-type fractional lasers, like the Fraxel (often called non-ablative by doctors and the co2 (carbon dioxide) laser systems. In general, the Fraxel and similar lasers are better for younger patients (under 50 mild to moderate acne scarring, and fine wrinkles. . The co2 systems are better for older patients, deeper wrinkles, some skin tightening, deeper acne scarring, and other scars. The fractional CO2 lasers can treat more deeply, but they also can require more downtime than the Fraxel. Learn more about CO2 resurfacing lasers:. Irwins guide to Fractional Carbon dioxide lasers for Sun Damage, wrinkles, Acne Scars, and Surgical Scars.

Pixel laser vs fractional co2 laser
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