Stir in some mustard and salt for the simplest and best tasting sauce for meat dishes. Use it in place of regular cream or thickened cream in desserts. Try my, lemon Myrtle honey caramels! They are absolutely delish. Which starter culture is best? You can use various starter cultures to achieve similar results, however we love using whey or buttermilk. They work wonderfully and are cheaper and easier to source than powdered starters.

making creme fraiche at home is made from milk or lower-fat (single) cream. The great thing about crème fraîche is that it wont curdle when used in cooking like sour cream can, which makes it the perfect addition to sauces, soups and casseroles. How to enjoy cultured cream, aside from stirring it into curries, soups and casseroles, these are our all-time favourite ways to use cultured cream: Add a dollop to seasonal fruits and sprinkle with a little rapadura sugar for a delicious, nutrient-dense dessert. Blend with garlic and fresh herbs to make a dip to accompany veggie sticks or falafels.

The other benefit of allowing these good bacteria to proliferate is that they help extend the shelf-life of both the cream and the butter it makes. This is particularly great if you use cream as sporadically as we do! Our routine is to make cultured cream the day we bring it home from the shops. This way we know it will last schoorsteenveger for several weeks in the fridge. However perhaps the biggest advantage of the homemade variety is that you can control the quality of the cream. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, store-bought varieties of cultured cream (crème fraîche or sour cream) are often based on milk from grain-fed or factory farmed cows and have storing added thickeners. By purchasing good quality, grass-fed cream, you know exactly what youre getting. And whilst grass-fed and organic is best, if you had to choose its always worth prioritising grass-fed dairy over the organic stuff. It at least guarantees the cows are eating a diet close to one that nature intended. If youre unsure about the brand youre buying call the company and ask them some questions!

making creme fraiche at home

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Cultured cream, or crème fraîche, is simply full-fat cream thats been inoculated with beneficial bacteria and left overnight to culture. Its a delicious, substantially more digestible alternative to regular cream and can easily be made at home. Why bother making your own cultured cream? Aside from the fact that its ridiculously easy, (Stir in whey. Transfer to fridge cultured cream is a much healthier product than its un -cultured cousin. Well aside from being a probiotic food due to the abundant lactic acid bacteria, the process of culturing develops enzymes called lipases, zuurstoftherapie which assist our bodies in digesting fat. Its worth noting that these friendly bacteria and enzymes are found abundantly in traditional, unprocessed milk products. (Were talking unpasteurised and unhomogenised, the type our parents enjoyed in their youth. Australia is one of only three countries globally who have outlawed the sale of this type of milk.) If youre going to consume pasteurised cream culturing it is one way to remedy the loss of these beneficial nutrients.

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making creme fraiche at home

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making creme fraiche at home

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Making creme fraiche at home
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