Bare minerals foundation, medium Tan (tanned light coverage with a natural finish. Chanel Les beiges healthy Glow Gel touch foundation 40 (can just about get away with it when not tanned, but looks better when slightly tanned). Light coverage with a natural, glowy finish. Chanel Perfection Lumiere velvet 30 beige (non-tanned light coverage with a matte, very real skin-like finish. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, b40 beige- dessert (can just about get away with it when not tanned, but looks better when slightly tanned). Light coverage with a natural finish. Giorgio armani luminous Silk foundation 6 (non-tanned medium to full coverage with a flawless but natural finish. Check out my tutorial of me wearing this foundation here and here.

forever ysl reviews with a natural finish. Bourjois 123 Perfect cc cream, rose beige (non tanned). Lightweight coverage with a natural finish. Check out my tutorial of me wearing this cc cream here.

More often than not due to my love for galavanting across the globe in hot and tropical climates, i am sporting some sort of tan whether its just a hint of colour from a long weekend away (4 on the scale of 1 to 10, equivalent. Classic school girl error. Do i ever learn? I am probably the palest (by my standards anyway) ive been in a long time and subsequently ive been finding that with a few of my foundations, they are now a tad too dark for. So if youre an NC25- 30 or even an NC40, or if you have no idea what i am talking about but are of light to medium skin tone with warm, yellow undertones, then find your foundation shade (mac nc25-NC30-NC35-NC40 equivalent) right here. Shop this post, foundation, shade, snijranden finish, anastasia beverly hills Stick foundation. Warm Natural (non tanned light to medium coverage with a natural, demi-matte finish. Charlotte tilbury light Wonder foundation 6 Medium (non-tanned lightweight finish with a dewy finish. Check out my tutorial of me wearing this foundation here. Dior diorskin Star foundation 030 (non-tanned).

forever ysl reviews

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The base line. Tinted moisturisers and cc creams. My evening and favourite for Filming foundations. Charlotte tilbury light Wonder foundation is Medium. I thought it might be a useful tool for any of you out there who are of a similar colouring and/or skin type as me, medium skin tone with warm, yellow undertones, for me to list all the foundations ive used and what shade. Ive seen many of these threads on the internet and find them very useful so i hope this may prove useful for some of you out there. Selecting the right shade of foundation can be a difficult task at the best of times but when you cannot access the foundation to swatch it, things become even more tricky. Unless youve done some intensive research online, there is a big chance that you will end up ordering/buying the wrong shade of foundation and theres nothing worse than throwing your money down the drain (unfortunately, unlike our American counterparts, in the uk, we arent able. Ive also found with some foundations is that what I previously thought was the right shade of foundation for me is no longer the case as its lycium the classic case of what colour your skin is on the tan scale when you first try and.

Ysl beauty, canada by yves saint

#5 Bella gold Serum Heres yet another serum that you should try out; Bella gold Serum aims to fight aging by reducing* and preventing wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines, and smooth away creases in the skin. " Silver Arrow Sports Club" and " royden Cricket Club". "She gave me water but it was not from the well" are the songs most memorable if not politically correct lyrics, which warns against accepting suspect liquid refreshment from dodgy African women! #1 Top Rated The best Organic Vitamin c serum 20 for Face by joyal beauty. "Nee!" "Verdomme, ik zal je niet verkrachten. "Alternative (non-animal) methods for cosmetics testing: Current status and future prospects—2010".

forever ysl reviews

I mean most of (young) girls are just. Nice to see ysl come out with a frag jeuk that lasts more than an hour. Im a huge fan of the original L'homme scent but I just dont wear it anymore cause i get. Not only did I draft this review at the beginning of the year and then forget to edit and publish it, i went to a load of trouble trying to obtain an old. Ysl top Secrets Granule Free natural Action Exfoliator an amazing natural action exfoliator without abrasive particles, combining high performance. All the perfume and fragrance reviews at Now Smell This, alphabetized by the name of the perfume house.

A clean, classic, balanced fragrance from ysl. There is a timeless quality to Opium that makes it suitable for the contemporary user, both for casual or even formal. We sorted through the most loved and most talked-about mascaras to find the ones that merit the hype. "Once again to those days written by geoff Wijesinghe in the daily news paper of Sat, mar 2, 2002, gives a very interesting and illustrative account of some of the happenings in Bambalapitiya around lion house in those times as voedzo follows:" george siegertsz, who passed. "Ethiopian Traditional and Herbal Medications and their Interactions with Conventional Drugs".

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With all this glamour going on can a man dare to wear Cinema, but of course he can. It would be a perfect fragrance for a elegant evening in a tux or for a late night dive along Mulholland Drive to a midnight supper with someone very special. Just like in the movies. Sounds kind of dreamy, doesn't it?

Ysl beauty by yves saint laurent. Best Selling product line of makeup, Fragrance and skincare including touche Éclat, rouge pur couture, black Opium, top Secrets. Im a bit worried to read the reviews saying Cinema is not too good these days. My bottle i purchased sometime ago is divine and I felt as if I had waited my whole. Ysl dessin du regard Black Ink waterproof eye is eyeliner offers the look of a liquid with the ease of a s formula offers intense. Hello, oh, so glad to have found your website! It is so hard to find foundations reviews actually saying something usefull.

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Legendary star that it is, it lingers on and retains a memory of its former beauty with a little nip and tuck from the amber, musk and benzoin. The longevity is moderate at lichaam about six hours (imagine sitting through a six hour film and that now seems not such a short time for a perfume). The silage is good in the first hour and then it moves in for its close-up and says there to capture the attention of anyone who is attentive. The bottle presentation is breathtaking. A tall rectangular clear bottle topped with a simple square golden cap the juice is the color of the palme dOr of Cannes. And through the glass running in gold from bottom to top like rows of moving film is the name yves saint laurent with cinema brazened across the front. It really looks like a star on the dressing table.

forever ysl reviews

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Cinema is a delicate Floral Oriental that plays with light on the skin as softly as a misty gauze filtered close-up plays across the screen. It is very refined and elegant but like deneuve is on the screen; it is illusionary and just out of reach. This is not to say it is weak or watery, not at all. Aloofly beautiful it opens in blonde notes of sweet Clementine, and white almond blossom with a hint of honey rouge in the cyclamen. This flickers and fades into a sublimely subtle rose that finds the confident support of white peony and a flurry of windswept jasmine. The attention to refinement and lush expense is lavished here as it would be on the costume of a great star. The middle is really lovely and here is where it begins to blend with the skin as the vanilla comes up from the bottom notes. This vanilla is not heady and cloying but light and frothy. All stars flicker and dye lilac and for Cinema there is no escaping that the dry down comes too soon.

In the dark we as a world embrace the dream and tattoo surrender to the agreement to disconnect from reality and move into the art of the possible. Be it in an outdoor theater in the savannas of Africa, a neon modern moive-plex in Shanghai, that old movie house on main street or a grand place on the Champs Élysées everyone forgets nations and boundaries and we become one in the dream. The faces of the luminous, the ones who live in that silver nitrate dream have many names, valentino, harlow, mitchum, monroe, brando, taylor. In truth they are our avatars, Dream catchers and soothsayers, the vessels that tell our mythic tales of love to us and promise if not a happy ending, then the truly bittersweet legends of the lost. These cinematic dreams have shaped our perception of what love is, sometimes it falls near reality but most of the time we prefer our dreams to lie to us, to be unattainable and effervescently unwise to peruse. Unrealistic expectations aside and hearts broken over them, we always come back to the dark, to the cinema to try and capture at last the stuff that dreams are made. when I smelled it for the very first time cinema by yves saint laurent, catherine deneuve came at once to mind. Partly because i always remember her at his side at a retrospective of his work towards the end of his life, also because she was a muse to him, and mostly because she embodies my perception of the French Cinema Star.

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Detective tom Polhaus: heavy, what is it Sam? Sam Spade picks up the aanbieding black bird and considers its history and all it has caused to happen in his life. Sam Spade: The, uh, stuff that dreams are made. Fade to black., the stuff that dreams are made of, that is after all what Cinema is and always will. Cinema is many things but the main engine that fuels the dream machine is love. It began with the first flickering in 1896 when John Rice puckered up to may irwin in, The kiss. It became rapturous as a wordless Garbo embraced her absent lovers roses as if they were actually him. Epic in scope and passion when Rhett Butlers kiss devoured Scarlett under a flame tortured Atlanta sky. It was no more heart meltingly satisfying as it was when Jennifer Lawrence surrendered to Bradley cooper as he kissed her tears and came finally home to his true meaning of excelsior and a chance at a silver lining.

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