When it comes to eczema and other skin conditions, i almost always have found there to be a significant digestive component even in the absence of digestive symptoms. This is because healthy digestion is at the epicenter of good health. In fact, it's been shown that theĀ  skin, gut, and brain all come from the same embryonic cells. ( source ) Eczema can act like a canary in a coal mine, letting us know that the digestive system could use some support. It's also interesting to note that children are born with relatively weaker digestion, and are therefore more susceptible to conditions such as colic, reflux, food allergies, and eczema from birth. Add factors that further upset their delicate balance such as antibiotics or conventional formula, and their bodies are practically inviting eczema. How to address digestive weakness to heal eczema: avoid antibiotics which can obliterate healthy gut flora.

chinese eczema treatment body. This may be occurring even if you seem otherwise perfectly healthy. Chinese medicine identifies several key patterns that typically come into play with eczema. Digestive weakness, in Chinese medicine we refer to digestive weakness as Spleen qi deficiency.' common symptoms may include gas, bloating, digestive allergies or sensitivities, constipation, diarrhea, poor appetite, fatigue, brain fog, or excessive worrying.

When left untreated or suppressed, many of these patients will eventually develop allergies, asthma, or other autoimmune conditions. Unfortunately, dermatologists and other western doctors have no cure for eczema. Their best treatments usually involve topical steroid creams natural that often ineffectively suppress the skin inflammation. The good news is that Chinese medicine can identify the root cause of eczema and offers safe, natural treatment that I have seen work time and time again. Backed by research, medical research supports what Chinese medicine practitioners have known belotero for centuries: Chinese medicine can alleviate and heal eczema both the symptoms and the root cause. In a preliminary study done at mount Sinai hospital in New York, 14 children suffering with eczema were treated with herbal tea, herbal creams and acupuncture. Patients with severe symptoms saw improvements in as little as three months of treatments, and after 8 months, symptoms were reduced to very mild. Results of a study conducted in Japan on adult patients has also yielded strong positive results for Chinese medicine and improvement in eczema symptoms. 87 of patients were symptom free after 3 to 4 months of treatment, and 12 were substantially improved. How Chinese medicine does it differently.

chinese eczema treatment

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Eczema is the most common pediatric conditions that I treat in my Chinese medicine practice. It's no surprise so many patients are seeking to heal eczema since over 30 million people in the. Suffer from this skin condition. Most of peeling these cases begin before the age of five. For years, i was personally plagued with dishydrotic eczema itchy blisters on my fingers and hands that started from years of bar tending. Both of my children developed eczema as babies my daughter is pictured above. Eczema can range from annoying to debilitating with itchy patches of red, irritated, rough and even scaly or oozing skin.

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This week, we share six holistic eczema treatment that can help provide relief via natural means. Read our blog post today! Evidence-based recommendations on diagnosing and managing atopic eczema (dermatitis) in children under. Pompholox eczema, athletes foot, or shingles how to tell them apart. October 11, 2011. Trevor Erikson - acupuncture and Chinese medicine White rock. Children with eczema get itchy, red, scaly patches on their skin.

chinese eczema treatment

So for the wrist, the virus may go up the radial nerve, thus kopen appearing on the same side as the thumb, index and middle finger and be absent on the other side. Shingles usually only comes about once in life and then never returns. So besides the fact that this womans rash was totally non-specific to one particular nerve root, being on both her hands and feet, it had been coming and going for months already. It was very clear that her condition could not be shingles, a skinscience fact that made her very happy. Now because this woman had a long history of eczema and allergies, i assumed that her problem was actually due to eczema. She was just having a re-flare up of an old problem and everyone was acting stumped.

A little investigation combined with some understanding of the way that different disorders manifest went a long way in deciphering a not so complicated issue. Wishing you health,. Trevor Erikson, reference the Chinese" for ant nest was translated by mazin Al Khafaji and appears in his course notes on the. Chinese medicine treatment of pompholox eczema.

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Below is an image clearly creamed depicting Ant nest, or pompholox eczema. Now this type of eczema can certainly look fungal as well, being similar to athletes foot or Tinea pedis in appearance. The difference though would be that the fungal problem is usually only one sided, or at least initially, and would not usually involve both hands and feet at the same time. It is possible to have both a fungal infection and a pompholox eczema at the same time, and in this situation the two of them can be hard to tell apart. A skin scraping can then be taken and analyzed under a microscope so as to look for actual fungal spores, which will then clarify the issue for sure. Below is a type a fungal rash with small blisters, but is only on one foot, not the other. And not on the hands. As for the recommendation of shingles, i thought this to be pretty far fetched, as this relative of the herpes virus usually only manifests on one side of the body along a particular nerve root. It usually only affects one part calorieen of the body as well, like the trunk, head, or wrist, again following a particular nerve root.

chinese eczema treatment

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So right off the bat we know we are dealing with someone with an allergic constitution, who has a predisposition to eczema. When she huizen described her current outbreak on her hands and feet, it was actually quite similar to what she had as a child red and itchy rash with tiny blisters, particularly between her fingers and on the palms and souls of her hands and feet. This to me sounded a lot like eczema, particularly pompholox eczema. Pompholox eczema is usually on both hands, or feet, not just one side. Chinese medicine has identified this type of eczema for a long time, with one of the names for it being Ant nest. An old text book called the. Collection of Treatments for Sores states that this disorder, mostly erupts on the hands and feet, its appearance is like the nest of an ant, just like the pricks of a needle, the itching is extreme and upon rupturing there is watery exudation.

Upon seeing two different general physicians, she afvallen still didnt have a proper diagnosis. One told her it may be fungal, while the other said it is probably eczema. One recommended a steroid cream, the other said that she had better not use a steroid for risk of worsening a fungal problem. To make matters even more complicated, a local natural health practitioner told her that it is probably shingles! So what did this woman really have? How could we figure it out? Well lets chat about the history a bit here. In her youth she had suffered with atopic eczema, hay fever and hives when touching horses.

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Red and itchy rash with tiny blisters, appearing on the hands and feet. What could it be? From the title you can see the range of responses different health professionals will have for boek the same problem. Some of these conditions are easy to tell apart, while others are not. Below I would like to share a bit of information that will hopefully shed light on this often complicated issue. I recently saw a patient with the same symptoms I mentioned above. Over the summer she developed a rash on both her feet and hands that was red, itchy and full of tiny blisters.

Chinese eczema treatment
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