Van harte welkom op de website van. Parfum, styling Company benelux de distributeur voor georges mezotti - linn young - omerta en real Time parfums in de benelux. Tout sur Les Parfumables et la nouvelle Experience Olfactive! Un tr s beau sujet pr sente nos travaux sur les c ramiques. ; Amstelstraat 113; 4388rl oost-souburg; info@ ; 2013. Parfum, you look for a perfume made in France?

private label parfum distribution visitez notre. Wie is Hado cosmetics? De firma hado cosmetics is producent, gespecialiseerd. Private label sector van kwalitatief hoogwaardige cosmetica.

Beleid, ons beleid is dan ook volledig gericht op het voldoen aan de behoeften en samples wensen van de klant, ook wanneer deze niet expliciet zijn uitgesproken. Door een open communicatie, zowel intern als extern, kunnen wij optimaal meedenken en adviseren. Onze houding ten opzichte van onze producten is zeer kritisch, wat ons alert decollete en zelfbewust houdt. Verbetermaat-regelen worden voortdurend naar voren gebracht en uitgevoerd.

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Wie is Hado cosmetics? De firma hado cosmetics is producent, gespecialiseerd in de Private label sector van kwalitatief hoogwaardige cosmetica. Kort gezegd is het bij ons mogelijk om tegen een betaalbare prijs, uw eigen cosmetica lijn, geheel naar eigen wens te laten maken. Het unieke van onze firma is dat wij uw eigen cosmetica lijn ook in kleine oplages kunnen produceren tegen een gunstige prijs en betaalbaar voor ieders budget. Zo kiest u ireland uw eigen geur, fles, creamed dop, verpakking bedrukt met uw naam, bedrijfslogo, afbeelding etc. En is uw eigen cosmetica lijn dichterbij dan u denkt! U begrijpt dat daarin 1001 mogelijkheden schuil gaan.

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Psychedelique even carries the faintest whiff of a fruited element that smells like cinnamon-studded oranges. A definite blast of chilly peppermint follows, arm in arm with chewy, dark chocolate. Patchoulis camphorous, green side lurks underneath, along with a tinge of black, almost head-shop like incense, but theyre only the subtlest of suggestions on my skin. Much more significant is the utterly glorious toffee and caramel amber, just lightly flecked by creamy vanilla. Black widow v1 by *smokin-nucleus. (Website link embedded within photo.) Its a very potent brew in the opening hour, especially when sniffed up close, but Psychedelique has a soft quality about. It feels a lot denser and more concentrated than it actually is, and is only truly intense within its small 3 inch bubble.

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Jovoys owner and creative director, Francois Hénin, describes the scent and its notes as voel follows: Psychedelic: my great patchouli fragrance, dark and smoky, ambered, generous and opulent even the rain and mud of woodstock wont wash it away. Head notes: fresh hesperidium citrus heart notes: floral rose, geranium, ambered, woody (patchouli, cistus, gum cistus) Base notes: vanilla, musk Psychedelique with its box. Luckyscent has rather a wonderful description of Psychedelique: Psychédélique, jovoys magnificent ambered patchouli, largely stays in the shadows, meditating on the synergies between a cocoa-like amber and an inky-dark patchouli, although rose and geranium offer a touch of freshness to its earthy sexiness. The synaesthete might say that on the olfactory color wheel, patchouli resides somewhere between black and chocolate brown, with a bit of iridescent chartreuse green shimmering in between. Camphory, inky, aromatic, and even darkly refreshing, the elegant patchouli in Psychédélique is like an olfactory mark rothko painting that explores the gradations between dark colors — in this case, patchouli, amber, and musk. James Hotels Library bar, paris.

Source: m Luckyscent finds the name unfortunate, as do i, because it tends to create the impression that Psychedelique is a dirty, filthy, head-shop, incense-y fragrance best suited to hippies. Its extremely refined, elegant and well-done. For me, the image which came to mind again and again was primarily that of a traditional mens club or a rich library, filled with dark, studded, stuffed Chesterfield leather sofas, a crackling fire, aged cognac, a hint of smoke in the air, and. Yes, there is a mentholated, camphorous stage redolent of green patchouli, but its not significant on my skin, and really far from the core essence of the fragrance. In fact, most of the time, the green undertone translates as wonderful peppermint. Source: Psychedelique opens on my skin with strong labdanum amber and patchouli, infused by a huge amount of boozy cognac. The patchouli has all its true nuances: leathery, spicy, smoky, sweet, dry, woody, and with a hint of something almost resembling tobacco.

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Then, as if a magician waved his hand, the swirling coloured mists dissolve, and the scene changes. The man has been transported outdoors to a land filled with dark, mentholated greens, touched by earthy browns, and a hint of reddened dust. Its muddy at times, and a muted chanting sound in the background momentarily conjures up the summer of love in 1968. Its only a brief trip, though, and soon, he finds himself in his bed, surrounded by the finest, gauzy, silky sheets made of soft red, ambered ireland caramel gold, and creamy vanilla. Did it actually happen, or was it a trip most Psychédélique? Psychédélique is a fragrance from jovoy paris, an utterly glorious patchouli scent in all its best, truest, spicy-sweet-smoky red-brown incarnations. The fragrance (which I shall spell here on out without the warranted accents, for ease and speed) is really close to my ideal patchouli, though it doesnt have the best projection after its opening mask stage. But what an opening it is! Psychedelique is an eau de parfum, created by jacques Flori of Robertet and released in 2011.

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Men whose favorites are classical designer scents that fall firmly within the fougère, green, fresh, or aromatic categories (like. Tuscany, guerlains Vetiver, or vintage, eau sauvage, for example) tend to want very traditional scents, even old school in vibe, and not something sweet, edgy, or with a twist. So, that is what I try to give them as recommendations, which means that there are a whole slew of fragrances that fall outside the category. Continue reading posted in AbdesSalaam Attar la via del Profumo, amouage, arabian Oud, aromatic Fragrances, biehl Parfumkunstwerke, chanel, citrus Aromatic Fragrances, farmacia. Annunziata, floral woody musk, fougères, guerlain, histoires de parfums, jovoy paris, leathers, maison Francis Kurkdjian, men's Colognes, o'driù, orientals, oriza. Legrand, oud Fragrances, papillon Perfumery, parfumerie generale, parfums mdci, perfume lists favorites, profumum Roma, puredistance Fragrances, rania., roja dove, serge lutens, slumberhouse, stéphane humbert Lucas 777, vetiver Fragrances, woody Fragrances, xerjoff tagged Advice for Men on Fragrances, advice for Men on Perfumes, arabian Oud. Legrand, papillon Perfumery, profumum Roma favorites, puredistance, roja dove, roja fetish, serge lutens cuir, shl 777, slumberhouse, tobacco-fragrances, what are good simic colognes for men, what are some good men's fragrances, xerjoff 73 Replies Posted on December 29, 2013 by kafkaesque 44 source: m A man. Burnt umber, raw ocher, dusty terracotta, dark tobacco, golden caramel, nutty toffee, and a touch of blackened green. There are hints of spice and smoke in the air, along with a musky earthiness, but it is a scene of endless warmth, coziness, and richness.

Most of them are not long-time readers of the blog and have simply stumbled upon it, so they dont know my long-time favorites that I talk about often, but a few are subscribers who seek specific suggestions. Sometimes, people start by giving me a brief idea of their tastes and/or names of prior fragrances theyve worn. Typically, though, the information is insufficient for me to know what might really suit them, so i write back with a list of questions, trying to narrow down what notes they have issues with or love best, how they feel about sweetness or animalics, how. Ralph lauren Purple label editorial ad via. What ive noticed is that I tend to make certain recommendations time and time again for particular genres or fragrance families. So, i thought I would share them with all of you. However, please keep in mind that these names are in response to some pretty set criteria given to me by the person in question, even though many of those factors end up being quite similar. For example, the men who like dark, bold, rich or spicy orientals all seem to want remedy a certain sillage or to be noticed in a crowd, as several have put. In contrast, most of those who want clean, crisp scents prefer for them to be on the discreet side and suitable for professional business environments.

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Posted on, august 10, 2017 by, kafkaesque 18, today, i wanted to take a quick look. Incident Diplomatique, the new masculine vetiver-patchouli fragrance from. As always, my reviews en Bref are for fragrances that — for whatever reason — didnt seem to warrant my usual in-depth, detailed analysis. In this case, the reasons will become soon become apparent why ive opted for that approach. Continue reading, posted in, jovoy paris, patchouli Fragrances, reviews En Bref, vetiver Fragrances, woody Fragrances, tagged. Incident Diplomatique fragrance, jovoy incident Diplomatique, jovoy incident Diplomatique review, patchouli-fragrances, vetiver fragrances, woody Fragrances 18, replies, scars posted on, october 9, 2015 by, kafkaesque 73, source:. Every week, i get at least three or four emails from people seeking fragrance recommendations. The vast majority of them are men, but there are some women, too.

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