Though other kings may have been much more famous in life, none have been more known in death than this boy king! Last Updated: August 03rd, 2011).

kings was the most intact tomb unearthed at the time, and since. Relics found inside include the kings gilded bed, his mummy, and the infamous golden mask. Two mummified fetuses were found in coffins that had been sealed by his name. These are believed to have been his children that were born prematurely.

Considering that he was around 9 years old when he came into power, its believed that the young king had very influential advisors to help him rule the country. There are some reports that the general Horemheb was even appointed as lord of the land by king Tut creme in order for him to maintain the law. It was during the 3rd year of his reign that the young king stopped the worship of the god Aton which his father had begun, and hert returned the god Amen to his original position of importance. Tut also returned the celebration of the traditional festivals and proceeded to build monuments to the older gods and restored them to their old glory. The restoration Stela gives an account of his effort to stabilize the government and to restore the temples and honors of the old gods after the Amarna period. He paid the priest and palace staff from his own pockets. He built a mortuary temple close to medinet Habu, with two colossal statues, but they were usurped by his successors. At the time of his death, the young king was only 18 years old and it has been speculated that he was assassinated. However, further research has determined that the cause of his death was more likely to have been a result of having been infected with malaria as well as an infection from a broken leg he had suffered. Its believed that a combination of the two caused his early death.

Egypt: Tutankhamun (King Tut) of the 18th Dynasty

18th Dynasty, tutankhamen, or Tut as he is more commonly known, was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during the 18th dynasty (. or the new Kingdom. Perhaps the most famous pharaoh, king Tut is known for being the boy king who rose to power at a young age and died under mysterious circumstances, having inherited the throne at the age of 9 or 10, dying at the age. Tut was the son of Akhenaton, the king who abandoned polytheism and introduced the sole worship of the god Aton. Tuts name was originally tutankhaton, meaning living image of Aton. He changed his name to tutankhamen logo after coming into power and breaking with the religion introduced by his father and reverting back to polytheism. Not much opleiding is known about the reign of the boy king since the reason most are so intrigued by him today is his age and the fact that his tomb was discovered relatively intact. We do know that when he ascended to the throne he married Ankhesenepatan, his half sister, who also changed her name to Ankhesenamen. They had no heirs as both their daughters were stillborn.

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Tutankhamun, egypt 's Most Famous Pharaoh. king Tut: The teen Whose death Rocked. 8 employees referred to trial over damage. bbc, news : Egypt unveils renovated, tutankhamun gallery. how King Tut died revealed in new study. King, tutankhamun - daily, news, egypt museum The Grand Egyptian Museum is preparing to host King, tutankhamun s funerary bed in its halls. Older than oldest of 7 Wonders: 4,600 yo step pyramid uncovered. This news is about the mask of, tutankhamun, egypt s famous boy king.

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Totally unique to any royal tomb are beautiful bird hunting scenes. The tomb was discovered by belzoni in 1816. It was probably, horenheb who succeeded ay and who wrecked havoc in ay's tomb in the valley of the kings. Belzoni found the tomb, the sarcophagus was in fragments and his figure was hacked out and his name excised in the wall paintings and text. Likewise, little of ay's building projects can be identified probably because horenheb probably usurped these as well. In ay's mortuary temple near. Medinet Habu, he soorten had his name inscribed somnodent on two quartzite colossi of Tutankhamun, but these too were modified by horenheb when he took over ay's temple complex.

Ay had nominally carried on the heretic religious practices of Akhenaten, and it would be horemheb who would put an end to this. It should also be noted that early on, ay began construction of one of the largest tombs. El-Amarna, containing the longer of the two surviving versions of the hymn to the Aten. The last decoration in ay's el-Amarna tomb was probably created in the ninth year of akenaten's reign. However, this tomb was later abandoned in favor of the tomb in the valley of the kings).

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We believe ay reigned in Egypt between 13 bc, and was burred. Tomb kv 23 in the, valley of the kings on the, west Bank at, luxor (ancient, thebes though his mummy has never been positively identified. It has been suggested that the mummy from the 1881 cache uitslag originally identified as Amenhotep iii might rather be that of ay, but this is probably doubtful. This tomb was probably originally meant for Tutankhamun. Ay's sarcophagus was very similar to remedy tutankhamun's with winged goddesses at each corner. Also present,. Tutankhamun's tomb, were decorative designs featuring the representation of the twelve monkeys, symbolizing the night hours on one of the burial chamber walls.

egypt tutankhamun news

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Throne name was Kheperkheperu-re, meaning "Everlasting are the voorkomen manifestations of Re". He is first documented as a master of Horses at the court of Akhenaten, though he was probably originally from. Akhmin, where was responsible for the rock chapel to the local god, min. His career is fairly well documented during the reign of Akhenaten, when he rose to the position. Vizier and royal chancellor. He probably never held any priestly office prior to becoming king, however, but was instead a military man like most of the men of power during this period. He may have been related to yuya, the father of queen tiye, making him the brother-in-law.

But evidence of Ankhesenamun's marriage to ay was noted by Professor Percy newberry, who recorded a ring he found in cairo in the 1920s with he cartouches of ay and Ankhesenamun inscribed side by side, a typical way of indicating marriage. This wedding must have happened rapidly, for ay officiated at Tutankhamun's funeral as a king wearing the. Blue crown, thus enhancing his claim to the thrown. His reign was brief, believed to only have been four years. It is advies likely that Ankhensenamun died very shortly afterwards, for there is no mention of her beyond the. In fact, her image has been hacked out on several monuments, and it has been suggested that her dealings with the hittites may have disgraced her, resulting in her death. Ay (it-netjer) means "Father of God.

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The 18th dynasty is one of the most interesting periods in Egypt's history, having such notable kings. Akhenaten, the heretic king, and such well known kings. Ay, who was parabenen probably an old man (at least 70) when he inherited the thrown from Tutankhamun, apparently inherited the thrown by marrying Tutankhamun's widow, Ankhesenamun. There seems to have been considerable intrigue to this marriage. This she likely did against her wishes, as ay was probably her grandfather. Further, is would seem that she was not even regarded as a dominant wife, as paintings in his tomb usually showed ay accompanied by tiy, an older wife. In fact, we learn from. Hittite archives that Ankhesenamun wrote to suppiliumas, the hittite king, requesting one of this sons for her to marry and make pharaoh. After some investigation by suppiliumas, this request was granted, but his son, zannanza was killed en-rout while traveling through Syria.

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